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BIGRAF, since the company was formed on 9th September 1983, BIGRAF has used computerized technology along with other hi-tech machines. The test production period lasted until the end of 1984, and since the beginning of 1985 the company has started its commercial production such as printing and publishing books, magazines, newspapers, folders, posters, etc.

CV. Bayu Grafika (the former name of the company) added the investment for other sophisticated technologies. The addition of the investments increased the annual production capacity plus an addition of employees.

Along with the addition of the investment, the company has changed its status to Limited Company (Perseroan Terbatas or abbreviated as PT). And Since 1st December 1986 the company changed its status and name from CV. Bayu Grafika to PT. Bayu Indra Grafika.

In 1992, BIGRAF started its publishing house called BIGRAF Publishing which becomes one of the smaller unit in the company. In 1995, the company formed another publishing unit named Ittaqa Press. Since then the printing united was divided into Printografx and V-I-Print. Then in the early 1997 they added another publishing unit named Astaka Media. Towards the end of 1997, the company formed trading units called SPECtrader and YOGYA-of-JAVA.

BIGRAF own a cooperative, established on 3rd January 1987. The cooperative is named MEKAR employees cooperative.

BIGRAF is located in the heart of Yogya, in Jalan Sisingamangaraja 93 Yogyakarta 55153, with 5.000 m2 area which consists of a factory and two floor office building.

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