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Yogyakarta, from historical, social and political point of view, is considered as an important city in Indonesia. Yogyakarta was once the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia. That happened during the early years of the making of this republic. Being the capital city, Yogya also became the capital of every other activities, including cultural activities which takes education as its basis. Therefore even though the government or political activities has returned to Jakarta, Yogyakarta is still the center of the cultural activities in Indonesia. It is for that reason that the development of Yogyakarta is therefore focused on the quality of the human resource. From that reality, the development of the economic sector is based on the cultural activities or to be more significant on education. It is not surprising that Yogya becomes well known for having the most education institutions in Indonesia. Because of that reason, the late Drs. H. Baharuddin Yusuf (died in 1995) wanted to give his contribution to that field. He then suggested to one of his sons to establish CV. Bayu Grafika, which in the end was established on 9th September 1983.

Mustafa Ramadhan (his son) the development of the company was extremely successful. The system of the company was influenced by its own name which was taken from one of the mythological God’s name, Dewa Bayu (God of the Wind). The philosophy of the revised Javanese mythology (Sunan Kalijaga’s version — Sunan Kalijaga was one of the member of “Walisongo”, nine pious leaders who spread Islam in Java) mentioned that Dewa Bayu is always moving forward, he is also identified as the god with creativity obsessions. Another reason for choosing that name, is that the name is dedicated to the founder of the company. Bayu is short for Baharuddin Yusuf.

Off course improvements always have to be made in order to bring a balance between business interest and moral value (giving knowledge whilst doing business, and vice versa). To the individuals taking part in the production of this company, that kind of system is able to create a humanistic and comfortable working atmosphere. Besides welfare, they are also given loving and learning atmosphere as well as taking care of each other.

The people who are working at the company are not treated as spare parts of the production machine but as an individuals with their own unique life. Therefore they are given enough space to develop their own potentials. This attitude is socialized in the daily working life. Such wise business orientation is difficult to carry out, but it has been taken as a choice. Always moving forward (as identified in Dewa Bayu) in business and at the same time caring for life itself (as identified in Dewa Indra) in creating intellectual life.

The unification of the two characters of the gods symbolizes high creative obsession and wisdom, inspired the company in changing its name. The name CV Bayu Grafika was then changed to PT. Bayu Indra Grafika on 1st December 1986, and later on more well known with its abbreviation, BIGRAF.

We are indeed proud and therefore we thank our business relations who often call us BIGRAF which to them stands for BIG GRAPHICS. To them, that name symbolizes our high graphic quality.

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